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  • Aries

    Aries ( Mar 21 - Apr 19 )

    You don't feel afraid of anything. You could dive from a plane and never even break a sweat. Mond

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  • Taurus

    Taurus ( Apr 20 - May 20 )

    You are not the kind of person to rush right out and buy whatever's in the store window, but on M

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  • Gemini

    Gemini ( May 21 - Jun 20 )

    Monday, you surround yourself with exceptionally talented people. You have great friends. So why

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  • Cancer

    Cancer ( Jun 21 - Jul 22 )

    So sometimes you get a little emotional, especially Monday and Tuesday. That's perfectly okay. Yo

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  • Leo

    Leo ( Jul 23 - Aug 22 )

    There isn't an hour that goes by that you don't learn something new. Well, okay, some hours are p

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  • Virgo

    Virgo ( Aug 23 - Sep 22 )

    For a while there it seemed like your wheels were just spinning, but now you're finally getting s

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  • Libra

    Libra ( Sep 23 - Oct 22 )

    Monday is all about you and you-know-who, and things could go either way. Your mood is going to d

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  • Scorpio

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 )

    Monday you are going to be of service to someone else, and they are going to be so thankful they

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  • Sagittarius

    Sagittarius ( Nov 22 - Dec 21 )

    Monday you're going to play a game with someone that reminds you of being a kid again. It's not e

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  • Capricorn

    Capricorn ( Dec 22 - Jan 19 )

    Your family needs you in the beginning of the week, and you're not the kind of person who would e

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  • Aquarius

    Aquarius ( Jan 20 - Feb 18 )

    You don't have to proceed very far into Monday before you see something that completely blows you

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  • Pisces

    Pisces ( Feb 19 - Mar 20 )

    You thought you had all your ducks in a row, but you just glanced back at them and they all turne

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